PRV Testing and Valve Greasing
PRV Testing and Valve Greasing
Pressure Relief Valve Testing

Encino offers full service pressure relief valve testing both on customer location with our mobile testing unit, as well as at our service facility located at 690 North Glenn Road Casper, Wyoming. Our Casper location capabilities include repair/testing of all manufactures' brands of PRVs ¼" up to 8" in size for air, gas, liquid and sour applications. Our qualified staff can assist with ordering new PRVs, repairs, conversions, testing and recertifying.

Each PRV is tested a total of three (3) times and the average is recorded on test reports. Upon successful certification, all valves are sealed, tagged and reports delivered. Customers will also have the option of LeakTrak so valve reports are always readily available.

Valve Greasing

We also offer a fully mobile greasing unit that services customer locations to ensure all your greasing needs are met. Lubricating and greasing valves regularly helps reduce operating torque and protects from seizing when operation is critical. Periodic maintenance makes valves operate easier, seal properly, and also adds years to the service life of the valve.

Each valve is greased with a product that can withstand the harsh Wyoming weather as well as being suitable for: natural gas, mineral oils, light hydrocarbons, LPG's, aromatics, sour gas, sour crude, CO2, gasoline, water, and instrument air.

Why Encino?

We pride ourselves on proactive communications and scheduling with our customers to ensure all greasing, tests, and repairs are completed efficiently, and the associated reports delivered to our clients in a timely manner.

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