Austart Turbine Starters

As the name correctly identifies, the driving mechanism is a specially designed 3-stage high speed turbine wheel with aerodynamic braking. The rotating energy is transferred through a series of reduction gears providing the necessary torque and speed to accommodate the particular engine's specifications.

Austart single turbine starters are as powerful as the competitors' twin turbine models – with the benefits of requiring less air pressure, having fewer moving parts, being more compact and less expensive when servicing and reconditioning.

Austart turbine starters feature full 360-degree indexation of the inlet port which was another industry first, allowing fitment to a far greater array of engines – and easier installation.

Additional benefits of the Austart turbine air starter include: fewer moving parts, non-contact turbine wheel, frictionless movements, self-governing speed control, optimized planetary gearing, true lube free operation, ATEX certified models and extended service intervals.

The Austart turbine range is the most technically-advanced starter available in the world today.

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