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Catalytic Conversion

Encino distributes Catalytic Combustion Corporation products that remove harmful substances and noise from process exhausts. A catalyst is the heart of an effective emission control system. Catalytic Combustion Corporation in Bloomer, Wisconsin, is an inventor, developer, and manufacturer of precious metal-based catalysts on a variety of substrates. Manufacturing catalyst substrates in-house provides a higher level of quality control, meaning a more durable and long-lasting asset for your business.

Advanced designs in Housings, Catalyst & Silencing keeps you in compliance.

With ever tightening regulations limiting the amount of NOx, CO and VOCs, bypass leakage threatens industry operations. The best catalyst in the world is ineffective if pollutants do not come in contact with the coating. But the housing that holds the catalyst has to be user friendly and capable of giving years of service in demanding applications, such as the oil field.


SILENT-OX® can be used in diesel and natural gas engines from 400kW to 10MW employed in mission critical installations. It is a compact solution to control NOx, CO, VOCs, HCs, PM, and NH3 slip in an all-in-one engineered system. Can have integrated sound attenuation up to critical/hospital grade for 35-42 dBA or more. It may be used on new or retrofit installations.


The Flame-Ox® oxidizer system was designed to clean up severely contaminated sites. The system can safely process significantly higher concentrations (up to 100,000 ppm or more) and is a great match for a rapid response situation or accelerating the cleanup schedule by eliminating a need to balance process flow with dilution air. The Flame-Ox® can directly accept the higher concentrations and the control system adjust to changing conditions. Ideally suited to treat off-gas from soil vapor extraction system (SVE) or multi/dual-phase extraction systems (MPE/DPE) in the presence of free phase gasoline. Please see the Flame-Ox® specs linked below.

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